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You booked your first photography session. You have decided on the setting, the time, and the person you want to use your photo session with..; what's next? Outfits! What do you wear?

Two Men embracing for their engagement photography session

Wear Neutrals

Neutrals are your friend. Pick outfit pieces in your closet that are easily matchable to any photography setting. Colors like navy, greys, blacks, beige, whites, and brown are what I recommend as in Newfoundland we have a colorful coastline. We recommend not having too matchy outfits. We love using different colors and playing with different textures. Avoid all members of the session to be wearing the same color and loud patterns. They are cute don't get me wrong but for the photography look we're looking for I do believe playing off of one color set may be beneficial. See below for some examples:

Colour scheme for your photography session

Pick something that you are comfortable with.

I always say, wear something that you are 100% comfortable in. Don't decide during your photo session that today is the day you want to wear those super high heel shoes in your closet or that crop top that is just a little too high for your comfort. Pick staples in your closet that will make your session enjoyable, and you are not too worried if your outfit will completely stand up during that photo session. Don't pick something that is too tight or too loose. We want your outfit to fit just right and make you feel 100% authentically you.

A girl posing in front of Memorial University for here photography session of graduating with her undergrad degree

Avoid wearing scarves or turtle necks.

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy a good cozy scarf or turtle neck during the fall and winter time. The only problem is that these items cut off the essential part of your body that elongates you. Your neck. We want to avoid a "floating head" or something that makes you smaller. Picking a neckline isn't complex, but also essential to have amazing photos and help you create outfits to wear in your photography session.

Make sure you are pressed and ready for dress.

Another tip for outfits to wear in your photography session is something so simple but also very effective for your photos. Steam or iron your garments before your photos. Make sure you have no cat or dog hairs on you. Do a 360 check of each of your outfits for stains or any lingering woolies. If you are a messy eater (like me), make sure you don't get it on your outfit for your special shoot. It helps you out as you are more comfortable and not self-conscious, and also it helps me with less unnecessary editing. It's a win-win!

Family of three posing in Manual's River, NL with cool colour schemes and outfits.

What you wear on your feet will set you up to enjoy your session.

Take the length and place of where you are heading for your session. Your shoes can be such a deciding factor for your session in planning your outfits to wear in your photography session, Are you booked for a mini-session? Is your session in middle cove beach off the beaten path? Are we walking downtown on water street? If you want to buy new shoes, beat them in. I like to walk and explore the area during your session, so expect to be taken to different settings. Wear shoes for that or even take some extra ones with you.

Your session will be flawless if you follow these outfit tips and tricks for your session! This will help you decide which outfits to wear for your photography session.


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