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Booking your wedding photographer in Newfoundland, Canada

A Bride and Groom kissing in front of Quidi Vidi
Quidi Vidi Kiss

Booking your wedding photographer in Newfoundland and Labrador can be difficult to decide on. As a bride-to-be in September 2025, I have found it difficult to choose who to shoot for my wedding. We have so many well-versed and different-styled photographers with many artistic differences and as someone who is in the industry, this makes it even more difficult.

Before finding your wedding photographer., here are some things you have to ask yourself.

What style do I want my wedding photos in?

What is important to me that I want to capture?

What is my budget?

Answer these questions first and search for your ideal photographer! Then it will be easy peasy. It can be nerve-racking looking into your photographer as a nonperson in the industry it's hard to know the professional standard for wedding photography. Photographing a wedding can be both rewarding and challenging. It's a significant event in the lives of the couple, and they trust you to capture their special day beautifully.

Bride and Groom Kissing at the Alter in Pippy Park. Newfoundland

Here are GREEN FLAGS to ensure you have the right wedding photographer:

Here are my tips and must-haves for booking your wedding photographer in Newfoundland, Canada

Before they book with you, they arrange a meeting or a call

  • Client relationship is important and we need to ensure we are the right fit. It's important to me as a photographer to build that relationship with your client. There are so many beneficial reasons behind it. Your photographer is going to spend the whole day with you and if you guys don't vibe, the day will be off for you. It helps with nerves and also it's nice to have a face to your photographer

They have a clear and precise wedding process for optimal client experience

  • Do they develop a shot list? Develop a comprehensive shot list that includes all the essential moments, such as the ceremony, first kiss, cake cutting, and more. This list will help you stay organized and ensure the critical shots don't get missed

  • Do they develop the timeline? As a photographer, it is important for you to sit down with your wedding couple and develop a schedule for the day. It's how we create the wedding day and moments in between.

  • Do they have questionnaires & informative material to help you plan for your day?

  • If they don't have these things set in, RED FLAG

Lightening and how they manage low-light wedding venues

  • Wedding lighting can be challenging. Use natural light whenever possible but your photographer may consider off-camera flash or diffusers for indoor shots.

  • Ensure if you do not want your photographer to use Flash, communicate with them!

  • As a photographer, I ask my clients if it's okay to use flash as most wedding venues are low light.

Photo Security

  • It's important that your photographer has a photo security process as these photos are important moments to capture

A Bride and Groom having their first dance on their wedding day

As a photographer, you must immediately back up your photos after the wedding. Use multiple storage devices or cloud services to ensure the safety of the images.

  • I have 3 copies of your images. I have a dual-slot card in my camera and an external hard drive.

  • Ask your wedding photographer what their backup process is with your photos.

They have a wedding contract

  • we all have expectations and we need them lined out. It's our due diligence as a photographer to line our contracts and policies when booking your wedding.

  • Having a contract helps explain the small stuff like copyright rights, and printing rights if you need to give your photographer a meal, cancellation policies, obligations of the client/photographer

  • If they don't have any of these lined out in their contract before signing with them to be your wedding photographer, RED FLAG

Bridal details with engagement ring, ring box and girly touches

They offer a complimentary engagement session

  • This is so important for you to do before your wedding. We have trials for our hair and the engagement session does the exact same thing. You understand how I work, how you like to be photographed, and get out the initial nerves of what ifs and what to expect.

  • it also builds trust and a relationship between your photographer and you.

Remember that wedding photography requires not only technical skills but also excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I like to make sure the couple is comfortable and happy throughout the day. Building a good rapport with them and their guests will result in better, more natural photos. It's a win-win!


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