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10 Ways to Slay Your Wedding Photos

A bride and groom kissing on their wedding day

So you are a month out from your wedding, and you want to know the tips and tricks that a photographer would recommend to their clients for SLAYING wedding photos. I got you!

I have 10 ways to slay your wedding photos on your wedding day!

Here are my 10 tips for couples to slay their photos and really be in love with their wedding images.

  1. Hold hands at the altar. While sayin' your I do's, hold hands right next to your waist. You are in this together. Pass your bouquet off to your MOH.

  2. Have your ceremony "unplugged". Tell the family & friends to put away the phone and soak in the moment. You are also doing your photographer a favor as you have no one in the shot on their phone or blocking an important image. It's a win-win!

  3. Hold your first kiss for 5-10 seconds. Savoir this moment. Absorb it and let your photographer capture the seal of the deal!

  4. Tell your officant to step out of the shot for the first kiss. You guys just want to be by yourself on this one, bonus points if you can wait for them to leave before giving your hunny a smooch!

  5. When the ceremony is complete, walk halfway down the aisle & kiss again! Another opportunity to capture this moment with your guests in on it.

  6. Tell your bridal crew & anyone who is walking down the aisle to take their time. Slowy & steady!

  7. Always remember to elongate your neck, chin down, and keep your shoulders back

  8. Limit your family photos. Spend your hours with you and your hunny & capturing your love. Only prioritize the important immediate family.

  9. Create epic photo moments. Bring a champagne bottle, open bridal party gifts, gifts to the parents, matching socks, and matching sunglasses!

  10. Don't be afraid to be silly & celebrate.

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